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The Mission of Best Discount Benefits is to Provide Affordable Health
Savings and Discount Programs to Both Wholesale and Retail Marketing Channels

Best Discount Benefits was created to provide the best choice of health savings and discount programs which offer maximum savings, pro-active customer service, and nationwide access. Wholesale marketing channels include internet marketers, insurance agencies, businesses, and associations. Retail marketing channels include insurance agents, sales professionals, and direct sales to individuals.

Health care savings and discount programs are designed to offer a choice to consumers, in particular those with pre-existing conditions and limited income. Because discount plans are NOT INSURANCE, there are no restrictions as to age or conditions. There is no waiting or administrative forms to complete. These programs can easily save much more than their cost by giving access to powerful features such as patient advocacy and telemedicine. Savings and discount programs are your affordable alternative to control the high costs of health care.

Best Discount Benefits is a subsidiary of Freedom Financial Solutions, Inc. (FFSI), a California financial services corporation. FFSI provides innovative financial programs with special emphasis on serving members of the military, veterans, federal employees, and small business owners.

Best Discount Benefits supports the S.M.A.R.T.* Consumer Group, an educational organization dedicated to providing consumer information and education through its web site and lectures conducted by various members nationwide.

*Save Money and Reduce Taxes

The Services Offered by Best Discount Benefits are NOT Insurance