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Health Savings and Discount Programs

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Health care savings and discount plans are available to everyone. There is no denial for health conditions, you may begin using services immediately, and there is no paper work to process. You will actually be able to afford to seek professional help more often for healthcare. There are no limits on the number of times you may use the services. Getting started is easy. Health savings and discount programs are not insurance.

Best Discount Benefits offers bundled savings options custom designed to provide quality professional services at the lowest prices. Discount plans offer a provider search feature, where applicable, so you can see where the services are offered in your local area.

Call A Doctor Plus Plan Options - Are you tired of waiting multiple weeks to go see your doctor, only to find yourself taking time off work so you can drive through traffic and sit in the waiting room for what seems like forever? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety of a difficult life situation and wished you had someone you could trust to hold your hand and walk you through to the other side? Then welcome to Call A Doctor Plus, an innovative new health care program that gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to doctors and other industry professionals from the comfort and convenience of your phone or computer, for your ENTIRE family. It's on-demand Healthcare… for the body, mind and wallet!.

All this for one low monthly price of $19.95!

Careington Discount Health and Dental Plan Options - Don't let rising health care costs prevent you from receiving the care you need. With Careington discount health care products, you save money on doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental work, eye exams and more.


New Dental Choice Plan - Save 15% to 60% on all dental care all the time. In addition to their dental plan, for as low as $2.95 per month or $19 per year New Dental Choice offers three additional discount plans including eye exams and eye wear, brand name hearing aids and evaluations,and prescriptions.


Discount Legal Services and Identity Theft Protection - The Family Protection Plan (FPP) is a valuable benefit that is now available to you. The plan covers you, your spouse, your children, and any dependents living with you - all for one low monthly rate. The Family Protection Plan provides you and your family with access to a network of attorneys, paralegals, accountants, licensed clinicians, and financial counselors that have contracted to provide free and discounted services to members. The Family Protection Plan includes these services:

Small Business Discount Legal Services Plan- For as little as $24.95 per month you can access a nationwide network of attorneys for all your small business legal needs.